Daily Schedule

The camp bell rings at 6:15am, although many campers are already in the Discovery Room reading, playing board games, finishing up journal entries or putting together the big puzzle.  Shortly after the bell, Brad and the junior counselors lead the group to Setohama for some exercises, stretching, frisbee, football and more.  Breakfast is waiting when the group returns at 7:30.  And our day begins……..


Campers and counselors are incredibly active all day with an enforced rest period after lunch.  Supervised (all-camp) activities take place through out the day with "free choose" activity block usually scheduled in the late afternoon.  Our day might end around the campfire, after a night hike, or in the Discover Room talking about the "treasures" we found on the beach.  The children (and counselors) have no trouble falling asleep once they hit their bunks.

Please click here to see the full (tentative) camp schedule.

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